This is a PSA. So listen real good. Lord knows I ain’t preachy so if I am being so, it is with good reason

Today I got my third dose of gardasil, the HPV vaccine. If I had known about it sooner, I would have gotten it sooner but there is not enough dialogue about this nor marketing. I had never even heard about this vaccine until I lived in New York and even then I didn’t know anything about it. ‘Cause in the US, there are way too commercials about drugs that spend most of their time talking about side effects. Ironically not only have I known about cervical cancer since I was 19 but I also knew someone who had it!

No, I found about the vaccine through Jin just recently and despite it not being ideal, I think that is the best way to find out about sexual health – through your friends. There is no taboo and there are no stupid questions.

If you’re an adult reading this and I trust are, you should seriously consider getting vaccinated. The vaccine protects women from cervical cancer and as they have discovered recently can protect men from other things too.

I can’t tell you much, I am about as much of a doctor as Dre or Pepper so don’t take my word for it. Look it up, research it and talk to your doctor. Insist, if you must, on getting it even if you have a strain of HPV because the vaccine will prevent you from 5 others. Seriously, look it up!

P.S. Aside from my arm hurting for half a day, I have had no side effects yet.


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