blue Sunday, irritating Monday

Hello Monday, how I hate you so. I am in a particularly crabby mood today for several reasons. If people are not gentle with me today, I might cry.

1. My brother left last night so there is that inevitable feeling of loneliness. It is just so nice to have a family member over particularly the one that is not fussy, doesn’t complain and doesn’t mind a late start.

2. On my lonely walk back home from the airport express, mom swiftly reminded me of my impending third date with the Indian boy I have no interest in. Cruelty.
3. I sent back to Bombay 4 lovely pairs of shoes for mom. Mom called to say that two of the shoes were too big – about 2 fingers width larger than her feet. This is physically impossible because I checked the shoes before I sent them. I am a size 6 and she’s a size 5/5.5 so unless I am batshit blind and ordered on, there is no way the shoes are that big. I am even more miffed because the two that didn’t fit were last minute requests from her and for which I had to pay extra to ship them by same-day air. What a fucking waste.
4. She also didn’t like the lovely magenta Longchamps bag I sent back for her. I really wanted to keep that bag for myself but sent it out of guilt because I’d promised her a bag. She said she gave it to grandma to use. I asked if grandma would use it everyday. No. Only for travel. Well, if I knew I’d have have kept it for myself! I actually liked it. I bitched about it to my brother and he offered to bring it back to me on my next trip. I don’t know if I will want it by then – I am just irritated at this particular moment.
5. By 9.20 am I have already received fuckloads of stupid emails from retards with no initiative. I have to spoonfeed them all the time.
And I’d have probably taken any of this BS in better spirits if it hadn’t been Monday morning. I need a drink!
6. Just received a text from mom – a belated thank you. Am presuming my brother had something to do with it. Oh I really might cry today.

Hello Monday, how I hate you so.


2 thoughts on “blue Sunday, irritating Monday

  1. I hope you ok. Because if distances are to be removed, you and I would probably be in the same bar, drinking and throwing pity parties in the head and maybe you'll ask me to pass a coaster and we "cute-meet" over a sad monday!Feeling the same so am passing the msg I tell myself: Cheer up!

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