23rd to 29th July. Wow, what a week! (Part 3)

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Neutral news – Finally meeting a man I never knew

A while back Pink and Elvish Pixie, being the good friends that they are, found a lovely handsome Indian boy for me outside a club (where else?) and persuaded him to go on a blind date with me. All parties were drunk so no one knew what the other looked like. After my NYC trip and several text messages between him and Pink, a date was set.
Then it was rescheduled due to work commitments (his, not mine). Two days before the d-day, the boy actually called Pink and started asking her questions about me (like my surname, what the fuck?) and where I worked and where I was from. She then gave him my number and asked him to ask me directly. A day later, he rather unceremoniously cancelled the date due to a work trip and never rescheduled. I was 300% pissed off – what the fuck kind of luck do I have that a blind date cancels on me without even having met me!

I got it over it (I think). Then I went out on Saturday after an excruciating dinner with some nice girls and some very irritating girls and ended up at Solas, one of my usual hangouts (hey, I am easy going okay?). I ran into a friend of Adrian’s (or should I say he ran into me, literally) – I never liked the guy – one of those investment wanker sorts. But he was drunk off his tits so he was extra-friendly. He introduced Pink and me to the two people he was with – Pink instantly knew it was the same dude. I was instantly impressed – he was dark and cute and had a nice body (wasn’t tall and in a nice way, he reminded me of he who shall not be named). He was collossally drunk, to the point of slurring and he kept drinking! I tried to be protective, to stop him from drinking – I wanted to be the focus of his attention, not some fucking beer bottle. At some point, he went to bathroom and never returned. I went home.

The next day, in the afternoon, I felt I should take charge, make a move and so I texted him to enquire how he was doing. No reply. And if that wasn’t clear enough, he exited the group chat that Pink had started to introduce us several weeks earlier. Why now? I think we know.

Neutral news because it is not surprising and it does not move the market.

Moral of the story: Don’t be nice to a guy who was not nice to you, no matter how cute or eligible he is. Save that energy for nicer people. And for daytime.


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