23rd to 29th July. Wow, what a week! (Part 4)

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Part 2 here
Part 3 here

Good news – The nerdiness pays off, FUCK YEAH!

I passed my CFA level 2! Yeah you read that right. I was in bed reading my emails half asleep and I saw an email from them CFA folks.
I figured it was another update on the date the results would be released. Wrong! It started with a Congratulations. I leaped out of bed and ran to the living room, opened the email on my laptop and read it again on the big screen. I did pass. How? I was shocked, befuddled and beyond a fucking shred of doubt thrilled! Most of my seniors at work are happy for me. My peers, not so much. Some of them were congratulatory (well most were) but I did hear that some people were a bit bitter that I turned out to be smart. I don’t know what to think of such things, I find them illogical and petty. But to the extent that they hate me for passing, I feel smug for it. I brought Chandon rose to celebrate* (I love that champers, so great for the price!)

On a not so positive note, I have thence signed up for CFA level 3 and I hardly look forward to all the brainfuckery it will subject me to next summer.

Moral of the story: Cranial ammunition comes at the price of acne, weight gain and self-loathing. Some people are threatened by smart women – plot to exploit their insecurities because they are asking for it.

* That’s not all. I also went out with Pink and a bunch of her friends of which one was an Irish fellow – he was the brother of her friend and had just moved to HK looking for work as a soccer coach. It was a Wednesday night and we ended up drinking until 4 am. For the record, he seduced me and I had no reason to decline. I was celebrate being alive, sans burns and with full use of a very able brain (not at that particular booze ridden moment, I mean generally speaking). Plus he was funny.

Clarification: Chronological Order of Events:
Monday evening – Tuesday – Typhoon mayhem + Associated repairs
Wednesday – Repairs + CFA results + Irish boy
Thursday – Date with Indian boy
Friday – tame
Saturday –  Party with annoying girls that don’t eat, then dancing with slurring blind date no-show asshole
Sunday – recovery + wakeboarding


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