a date in the life of jups

Sometimes the only way for me to stop obsessively thinking about something is to write it down here. Then I can breathe.

Reader, I need your help! Read on….and then fill up this survey to help a dork out.

My delirium, nausea and let’s not forget, epic diarrhoea today is mostly courtesy of binging on wines and cheeses at the W hotel with the girls on the almost-one year-anniversary of the last time we went to the W to get shit-faced and celebrate Elvish Pixie’s birthday.


A little bit of the delirium because I am once more daydreaming about a boy. And he is almost perfect. Almost because we almost didn’t meet because he messaged 2 weeks ago and then when I replied, he didn’t come back to me until 2 weeks later! And then he cancelled our first date on Tuesday because of work (understandable) and rescheduled it to yesterday and then proceeded to be quite late.

But then he called me to check where I was and he had a deep voice and that yummy British accent I go weak for so often and so predictably. He walked into the bar and while he predictably wasn’t 6’0″ as he had claimed on the website, he was even better looking in person than he was in his picture. And he was wearing a light pink shirt, it fit but it wasn’t ridiculously tight! Be steady, my dear heart, I told myself. Don’t let him see that you have already lost yourself in his blue eyes.

He is Me. He works in banking but doesn’t like to talk about his job. He dives, wakeboards and loves going out. He loves to cook. He’s been in Hong Kong two years, just like I have. He travels. A lot. He’s a dork and an engineer. I have a younger brother who troubled me tons (still does), he has an older sister he troubled. He thinks wine and cheese are the best things in the world. And he is funny, we laughed so much of those 45 minutes, it was glorious. And those grey blue eyes. Okay, that bit is different although I do have pretty eyes if I may say so myself!

Obviously this sounds too good to be true so I will be the first to admit he is too beautiful, too perfect for me. I chew my nails, am not in possession of a flat stomach and at times, when a joke is too funny, I snort. I expected this when I sent his picture to Jin and Hazel and both said “Cute!”

I wouldn’t count yesterday as a first date and so I don’t know if he will ask me out on a proper date. How did we leave things? He said my shoes were cute. Then he told me how he didn’t like talking about work because work was a way of paying bills to do things he loved. Umm those are only the  first two sentences of my dating profile, VERBATIM, but hey, let’s not start planning the wedding already.

And then he said to let him know when Sunday’s wakeboarding plan was confirmed. Shit, ball in Jups’ court.

Now the girls all agree that I must absolutely not, under any circumstances, organize my first date as a wakeboarding trip because I will look like shit, makeup-less and in ratty clothes. Such pleasures are more appropriate for well into the relationship. Also, if it is just the two of us, we won’t get time to talk as one of us will always be on the boat and the other in the water. And if it is him with me and all my friends, that is again something that comes later in the relationship. Then again, I don’t have much to lose, I am what I am and who knows, a wakeboarding date could be somewhat fun. I am torn.

Pink says I should scrap the wakeboarding and propose a drink instead.

I don’t know what to do! I am going to cock this up before it even begins and it won’t surprise me a bit. Somebody please help me kidnap that man!


6 thoughts on “a date in the life of jups

  1. oooh…he seems gorgeous!! well u know he likes wakeboarding but if u want to have a proper date with him – propose a drink first. you can always go wakeboarding later πŸ˜€

  2. This is awesome, guys, thank you!Anon – I agree with you but majority rules and given that majority has better luck with men ….Siggy – I'll send you a photo, swoon-worthy I say, SWOON-WORTHYAngelsera, that is true! very wise – depressing, yes but wise!

  3. I filled out the survey before I commented because I thought the survey had something to do with your studies (since you said "dork"!)! After reading your post, I clicked on the survey and lo! It was about what should you do, which is what I was going to say in my comment!Long story short, I think you should go wakeboarding. He's seen you all glam, and now since you have such a gorgeous guy with whom you have so much in common, let that be the forefront, rather than drinks. You can go for drinks after wakeboarding, another day, another time πŸ™‚

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