call me maybe

I woke up this morning to a whatsapp text from this boy. Sent at 2 in the fucking morning, it read “Sorry been crazy busy, you boarding this weekend?”.
How utterly offensive. Never mind that he didn’t have decency to reply to my message on a fucking Sunday evening when he was supposedly “crazy busy” chilling on the beach but to text me AGAIN at 2 in the morning? This was either another booty text or an attempt to make an interesting weekend plan because presumably his Seoul trip didn’t pan out. Because he sure as shit ain’t the type to work that late on a Thursday night with beautiful thoughts of me seeing him through.

See, I could, as Elvish Pixie pointed out, have a fling with him. Lord knows I am capable of being that way…or I could add one male friend to my phonebook because lord knows I have close to none in Hong Kong or I could have one more person to go wakeboarding with – I only have 3 other friends I do that with.

But the thing is… I didn’t go on a dating website and spend money on a subscription to get my hopes up and then wind up with a wakeboarding buddy. I also didn’t go on a dating website to score one night stands. I assure you I have ample supply of both those things as and when needed.

So the verdict on this boy, as beautiful as he is to look at (he really is beautiful) and as much as I think he might me the male version of me (fact: he is not, because I have manners), he is just some trying-to-be-platonic, fickle douchebag with a drunk-texting habit.

And so I deleted the chat again without replying. I also debated replying “do you only ever text drunk?” and “I am wakeboarding, but quite frankly, you should get waterboarded”

Something tells me I haven’t seen the last of him, and that’s fine, but I’ll be damned if I spent mind-space on this nutter. Besides, if he were even a quarter of the man I had imagined him to be, I will hear from him again.

Besides I have no time for boys this fortnight, I am too stressed with the flat-hunt and I can’t possibly obsess about two things at the same time.

Can I? (oh no wait…)


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