Scream… Get you going like ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby

I waited till a day after to write this so that it wouldn’t be coming from place of irrational euphoria but rather show a little more maturity. I think I failed but I hope you’ll still read this and smile. And try not to judge.

I am not exaggerating when I say that new year’s eve 2012 was the best one in my 30 years on this pretty planet. Everything that should be part of a new year’s eve celebration was there and everything was grade A-plus.
Nailed it with a teal and lace corset, a black bolero, leather mini skirt, tights, knee-high black Jimmy Choos, a knuckleduster clutch and razor straight hair. It was a sexy place between biker chick and moulin rouge.

Grub and Booze:
A friend of mine from uni and his wife invited me over to their place for a rather intimate party of 3. Being the consummate cook, my friend cooked up some wicked, wicked food and I only realised after stuffing my face with seafood and mushrooms wrapped in chorizo that the mains were yet to come. We had steak, foie gras, pork chops, brussel sprouts and charred vine tomatoes. It was all exquisite and fit for a princess.
He also made me the meanest mango gin martini and let me sample his own home brewed beers. They were all delicious and by 1145 pm, I was already very merry.
What I have done to deserve such friends I don’t know but I won’t question it.

Countdown and partying:
I met up with another couple and with dragonboatgirl at Socialito, the new Mexican restaurant, bar and club on Wydnham. We were admitted into the venue just seconds before the countdown began. Timing is everything. It wasn’t as crowded as it could/should have been for new year’s which meant no queueing for drinks and more space to dance. And dance we did. We also made a lot of grimacey faces at oversupply of very skinny, very tall models. “What’s with all the amazons?!” I am sure we looked charming behaving like so. I think I was quite crazy by the end of the night and they tell me free flow stopped at some point in the night. I don’t remember ever having an empty glass though.

It may have been 4 am or so when I distinctly remember (vaguely, not at all, but I have good flashback memory the morning after) a strappy man in a navy blue well-tailored suit offering me vodka from a full bottle his friend had just ordered. Who buys a full bottle at 4 am? Boys with money! Apparently I said I wanted water instead. Apparently he thought I must be boring. Apparently I had blurted at that point “I am so fucking hammered right now!” and he retracted the flash judgment. (I later rebuked him for this, I said “So someone tells you they are so fucking hammered and you proceed to try to sleep with them?”)

He wasn’t at all my type – he had ash blond hair, a boyish face and a scruffy beard; he was Danish from Copenhagen, like the cookies (literally the first Danish person I have met, there must be so few of them!) and he had a smart-sounding job. You’d never know from looking at him that he was a bas-ass rascal. And he danced well too, we did spend quite a bit of time on the dance floor annoying everyone else. He said he was turning 30 in two weeks so technically still younger than me but this does not qualify as cradle-robbing. He was also very chivalrous and paid the cabbie 150 HKD (madness!) for our ride home. Of course the Jups is still cursed with meeting men that are passing through; this boy was visiting friends. (Clearly nice guys, hot guys, guys that are good in bed never seem to live in Hong Kong!)

And speaking of the subject, this boy knew what he was doing and we had a rollicking good time and didn’t go to sleep till about 7 am. We were up again at 10 and he didn’t leave until after 1. I don’t mean to sound rude and crude but I will say that *censored*.Lord I hope my children never read this blog.

So yeah, it was a mighty grand start to the new year with great company, great food and drinks and just great, great sex. What more can a girl ask for? I want every new year’s eve to be like this. In my early 20s, I spent many new year’s eves pining for boyfriends who were spending it with their parents instead of with me (boring!). This is a dramatic improvement. Pining is fucking overrated anyway, you’d rather wear leather and be wanted.

I took the whole of yesterday to recover from the debauchery. It was the worst time to run out of toilet paper so when I couldn’t stand it anymore I stepped out at 430pm to replenish supplies, came back and fell asleep on the couch because the walk was evidently too much.

I hope that you also rang your new year in with style. 2013 is already showing a lot of promise and in light of its crazy beginning, this is my new year’s wish for me and for you. I wish that 2013 is a year where more good stuff happens than bad, more acts of kindness than hate, more acceptance than intolerance, more opportunity than despair, more gratitude than complaining, more honesty than pandering, more real conversations than whatsapp, more wholesome foods than junk, more getting out and doing stuff than armchair philosophy. More living, living well, living happily, seeing, doing, eating, feeling. And of course, tremulous, off-the-Richter orgasms. Happy new year people!


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