Date #1 of 2013

We interrupt my CFA studies to bring you this special news report on my date last night. Date #xx of 2013 is a new feature we are debuting today and we hope you will like it!

Date#1: He’s a 30 year old Indian, an IT entrepreneur but I don’t really get what he does. It sounded fancy. He’s not tall but not terribly short. He’s quite dark, had flecks of grey and a cut in his eyebrow just like brother does. We met at a wine bar for a quick drink before our respective plans for the night.


  1. Really well dressed! Shocking but true! pressed white shirt, black woolen scarf and dark grey jacket with black lapels.
  2. Studied and lived in Europe and the US i.e. not your typical Indian man abroad
  3. Funny, slagged me off loads, not that I want men to slag me off but hey it’s better than not having anything to talk about


  1. Lived in country x for 4 years but doesn’t speak the language
  2. Seems the sort of Indian dude who doesn’t date Indian girls
  3. He doesn’t seem to have any hobbies or interests – this really bothers me
  4. He’s lived in California but ordered the pinot grigio. We all know that is the armpit of wines!
 My girlfriends and I have taken to okcupid with a vengeance in the new year. I am giving online dating a second chance. Jin, Elvish Pixie and Pink are all on it and we’re trying to go on more dates, to meet more people and just put ourselves out there. Who knows where we’ll end up. For the moment, I am getting a sprinkling of messages and only one has translated into a date. At least it makes for good entertainment. Aren’t you excited?

I know what you’re thinking, how did I peel myself away from the “Great Dane” as he has come to be known among us to go outside and on a  date (believe you me he has done well to deserve that title). Well he was flying back to Copenhagen the same night so we said our goodbyes in the afternoon. The 13 hours prior were even better than my new year’s eve with him and more adventurous than most of escapades. I even went out to get groceries to make him breakfast and I have never done that before.

We couldn’t stop kissing, we were both were grinning ear to ear and you would too if you were us. “I’ll see you when I see you”
Neither of us seemed to mind.

(P.S. We had had a drink at a bar and I had this overwhelming urge to take a picture of the two of us together. I didn’t act on it and in hindsight I really wish I had.)


5 thoughts on “Date #1 of 2013

  1. Hahaha!I don't know/possibly never. He had business in Taiwan to begin with and he'd wrangled a big Hk/Bali holiday out of it just because it was in the christmas / new year season. Best case he visits Taiwan again in a few months. I wouldn't think twice about flying over if he did. 🙂

  2. Jups,I started reading your blog when I was 21, I'll be 27 this year! 😀 I think you are awesome and I love almost everything that's written about you here. Alright, I'll stop being creepy now.I am rooting for Great Dane, I hope the interesting encounters don't endCheers,Anuradha

  3. Thank you Anuradha, that's mighty sweet and reading this brightened my day! hehehe and I can't believe after all these years, it took a depraved post about a random shag to incite a response from you but I am grateful nonetheless 😀

  4. Oh i like this new series! Hope to see some interesting posts. Reading the previous comment made me realize I have been following your blog for years now! right from the time you were in Singapore. If memory serves me right. .Its about six years. I love love your sense of humour and writing style. Please dont ever stop blogging!- Wanderlust aka Girl with too many shoes.

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