More online-dating related rantage

People who start their okcupid/online dating profiles like so:
"Hello! I'm a xx year old man, who's tall and fit…"

Man? You really can't be much of anything really if the only way you can start describing yourself is by highlighting attributes that you had neither any control over nor took you any effort to cultivate.

Maybe I need to set up a mock profile that describes me as "Hello! I am a 30 year old woman with all working parts in good order. I have olive brown skin and a DD cup. I like to keep both those qualities just so."

Bah humbug!


2 thoughts on “More online-dating related rantage

  1. Surely they're taken some time and effort to cultivate a fitness level and their body shape? I get your point though, it's a very mechanical introduction.Though would you not likely be more easily lovestruck by a "tall, slim, dark haired man" than a "well manicured, neat haired, investment minded man" ?

  2. Ermm, no I can usually tell from their pictures..What I can't tell from pictures is intellect and wit.p.s. Nice plug for, I used to be on it but for their outrageous membership fees, their lovebot sure sucks serious ass.

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