date #2 of 2013

Who: A 26 year old American, a literature graduate and teacher of teenagers. Tall and lean and with an affinity for dressing up in … costume. Owns a pair of Kiss-style boots. Is bare-chested in all his profile photos and manages to pull it off.

Where: We met a bar in Wan Chai on Sunday afternoon. 3 p.m. sounded like a riskless date. My plan was to not spend more than a coupla hours with him. There was pretty much zero probability of getting drunk and/or sleeping with him, it is a sunday afternoon for fuck’s sake. If he was insanely hot and dreamy and intelligent, I would forsake my entire Sunday evening for him because you know, that happens all the time *wink*

I wanted to dress creatively but not crazily so I wore a ruffly brown top with a super flouncey linen skirt with galloping horses on it. With towering high heels.

He had long hair. He showed up in black alligator Louboutin shoes, checkered jeans, a rock-n-roll tee and a black faux-alligator jacket. Yeah. I know what you’re thinking. The scary thing is that he pulled it the fuck off. After the initial shock of being on a date with Gene Simmons passed, I was surprisingly at ease at him as the contrasts and similarities between us became apparently with equal frequency.

He flicked his long hair back as often as I did. He had studied literature in the best school in the world. He probably earned half as much as I did. He liked to party just as much as I did. He was a cross country runner. He was writing a book. He spoke Spanish.

It was clear as day to me that this fascinating young man was as likely to be my boyfriend as I was to get the Nobel prize in physics. But he was fascinating and we made for good conversation (and that’s as to my credit as it is to his). So it was a brilliant date. I had two lime sodas and he had two vodka oranges when he realised that my sodas had no alcohol. He was visibly upset about this and mumbled a great deal about he wasn’t aware that I intended to return home by 6.30. I was obviously a bit confounded by this because no one really expects a first date to go from 3pm to dinner! He got the check at the first bar and said “you get the next one?”. I said yes and we went to another bar nearby. I couldn’t help wondering what we looked like walking next to each other, like David Bowie and a brown version of Taylor Swift.

I bought us 2 more beers each and got a bit tipsy quite quickly. I felt a little more at east after that. We ended up discussing feminism and animal rights (brilliant topics for a first date, because so many men want to hear about it!), his passion for sports and being plagued with sports injuries, his slightly saddening childhood, his love (and mine) for grammar, writing and so many other things.

He said I was cute, that I was fun and serious in equal measure. He said I was really sunshiney. Twice. He ended up asking me out to our second and third date later that evening. Apparently we are going dancing all night on wednesday and then we are both back in town from Chinese New Year we are going to have a picnic that involves Mexican food and an animal-print picnic blanket. You will be the first to know when either of those preposterous events actually materialise.

In the meantime, I love that I get to go on dates like this with men like this.

Stay tuned for date#3 on Monday – which is with Indian boy of date#1 fame  – and date#4 on Tuesday with a very smart and seemingly kind Iranian scientist. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.


3 thoughts on “date #2 of 2013

  1. You have interesting dates coming up. I think this writer guy is fascinating and from what it looks like he is not really elusive.I dated some arty men and god I am done with their elusiveness!More than the Indian guy I am looking forward to the one with the Iranian scientist.Looking forward to reading about it :DCheersAnuradha

  2. Sig, come on, of course not. I am loving the stories too!Kiss and tongue reference – no comprendo… #nerdalertAnuradha, Ah really? I have never dated arty people before. I secretly love their disheveled hair and their chaotic existences!

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