I am really not amused by what can only be described as a raging brainraping headache that I am having right now. Is this some kind of delayed hangover bullshit? Because I was headache-free yesterday (though it can be argued that I wasn’t even quite alive yesterday). My neck and back are screaming for a massage and my eyes are only half-open despite having slept almost 8 hours yesterday. I look part-seductive, part-sedated.

Nonetheless, I must, must say that I feel absolutely no regret whatsoever for my weeknight(s) madness. Not a shred of an ounce of an iota. I am shamelessly attracted to risky situations, I love the notion of breaking implicit rules, I love wine and I most certainly love attention from boys. Which is not to say that I find this hangover/alcohol withdrawal spiced with overcaffeination remotely fun.

On the bright side, the boss isn’t here. I think I’ll leave early and finish up my packing, catch a nap if I am lucky and then take my 1 am flight to Cebu. I arrive there at the asscrack of dawn. Then the plan is to crash at Shimpy’s hotel for a bit, then go out and eat some of the best pork in the world (huzzah!), then take a boat and a car and get to Panglao island in beautiful Bohol, home of the bug-eyed tarsiers. We are staying in a simple little hotel on the beach, not far from the dive shop we will be using to get our diving licenses (advanced!). Besides looking for big, cute, sleepy turtles underwater and bewildered little tarsiers above water and maybe occasionally glancing at my cfa book between epic naps, I intend to do nothing.


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