date #5 of 2013 – happy valentine’s day to me

Who? The very keen, very polite Iranian scientist who has been in touch fervently since the first date and telling me how excited he is to see me again.

When? Last night

Where? A little hole in the wall Turkish BYOB private kitchen out in the sticks in Kowloon.

My date with the scientist had me a little nervous. I didn’t want to be a bitch and break his heart. I like so many things about him but I don’t find him particularly attractive. He’s quite short and slightly pudgy too. And yet he has big beautiful dark eyes and will probably / definitely never go bald. In any case, I had no reason not to see him again. I brought a Chandon Rose, one of my favourite sparklings, and he brought a Gigondas rich red. The food was delicious even if the ambiance was sorely lacking so I give him points for finding such succulent stuffed chicken.

The conversation was great, as ever. We never ran out of things to talk about and he’s extremely chatty. He’s also wildly smart and respected in his field which I find slightly intimidating. But hey, he’s making the world a better place finding cures for cancer and what not. After dinner, we headed to the more posh and more up-my-alley Mira hotel rooftop for shisha and drinks. Shisha was so mellow and we stayed at the bar till it closed up but not before kissing each other a lot. I think they were better than the first time, which is a huge relief.

The night still felt young and we were enjoying each other’s company immensely so who cares if it was 2 am already. Kissing is fun, and kissing when you both smell like grapey minty shisha is even more fun (kids, take notes please). We headed to knutsford steps (so much kowloon-ness!), to a bar called All Night Long (I think) and danced a lot! He isn’t much of a dancer and that doesn’t surprise me at all. He is however a very good singer, who’d have known? More kissing followed. Then we stood outside and chatted loads and he said something that really surprised me, “I’d really like to invite you over to my place right now but I realise that is not very nice for second date…but the third date is definitely going to be crazier.” Gosh!

And as we continued chatting, he told me I’d look really hot in glasses. He seemed convinced. Double Gosh! He asked me out on the third date (next saturday) and invited me to an irish pub on wednesday for a pub quiz since he loves those things and I love trivia even if I am not good at it. I can’t wait to be the least geeky person among 5 mad scientists. He insisted that Wednesday would not be counted as a date. I am finding his traditional approach really refreshing. He also asked me what I was upto today and I said I had plans. I didn’t think I’d want to see him that soon.

And then he did something I did not see coming. He pulled out a packet from his coat pocket and said “I got you this”…it was a heart-shaped valentine’s day cookie. Triple Gosh! Who would have seen that coming? Cheesy, cute, utterly unexpected! I told him that it was the cutest thing anyone had done for me in a long time and gave him a peck on the cheek. He said he was walking by a bakery and saw this in the window and felt like getting it for me. I would have kissed him all night if I didn’t feel so tired and if my lenses didn’t feel like sandpaper.

So there you have it. A really really pleasant second date. The next one shall be the make or break. And by the way, the Indian dude has totally cheesed me off with his stupid jokes. His last message to me was almost offensive and I stopped replying. I find him unbearably attractive but you know that just means that the third date will probably never happen.


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