on the wanton snacking probrem

there are only two ways to fix the issue of the box of jam sandwich creams or the bag of tortilla chips or the salty olive crackers or the namkeens.

1. Finish the bag. Just fucking eat it all.

2. Don’t buy any more.

What’s not near you cannot hurt you.



One thought on “on the wanton snacking probrem

  1. Duuuuuude. It never works. You finish it all and then the next time you go grocery shopping you stay resolutely in the outer perimeter where the fresh foods are and only buy a box of strawberries for a snack but then OH WHAT'S THAT RIGHT BESIDE THE STRAWBERRIES WHY IT'S A TUB OF WHIPPED CREAM OF COURSE AND SOME CUTE LITTLE INDIVIDUALLY PORTIONED SHORTBREAD CAKES AND BAM! Now you have a giant vat of strawberry shortcake at home.The world is evil. Resistance is futile. We have already been assimilated.

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