Sushi and Self-discovery – some random observations about wonderful Nippon

An incomplete list of what bemused and inspired me during my lovely journey through Japan:Orange and green are ubiquitous. The brightness reminds me of the colour palette in my apartment and makes me smile.Japanese women dress casually, often in oversized, masculine clothes but wear FIERCE makeup. I have never seen false eyelashes so frequently. Also they spend a lot of time staring at their abnormally large and square pocket-mirrors touching their faces and adjusting razor straight bangs back and forth.

So many Japanese people have clamshell phones. I wish I knew what the deal was with that.

No matter where you eat or with what, the rice tastes amazing – fresh, fluffy and fragrant. In sushi rolls and sushi bowls, under soft, melty scrambled eggs or buttery scallops, at a beer terrace or from a shojin kitchen, humble pearly staple holds its own.

Pillows are odd – they’re significantly smaller than regular pillows – barely 1 ft x 2 ft. In the majority of hotels and ryokans I stayed in, the pillows were filled with not foam or poly or down but are you ready for this? Styrofoam beads! And in all cases, pillows were far firmer than I’d have liked.

Toilets, or should I say washlets?,  are ultra modern but nine times of ten, the sinks outside have no hand soap. Toilets are white, dry and spotless even on railway station platforms unless say, a Chinese tourist has used it before you and sprayed a one-metre radius with her rain-shower pee-hole.

People keep left in some cities and right in others. This is quite odd and throws a wrench in my driving-side-of-road-and-escalator-standing-still-side-related-theory.

Japanese people are truly good to tourists. I was helped too many times in too many places for it to be a coincidence. Every person I asked for directions made an effort to help me. About twenty different people in different cities walked me all the way to my destination. This sincere behavior is humbling, to say the least, and I found myself bowing to people. I get it now.


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