fammi combattere – liveblogging CFA Level 3

If my chances of passing the level 2 were slim, then my chances of passing level 3 are downright anorexic. But that is not gonna stop me from giving this exam my bestest efforts in the short time frame left – exactly 14 days

This year, my warcry is not a David Guetta dance number but a Handel aria. A beautiful song and a fitting prayer for the final stretch of what has clearly been an uphill battle.

Fammi Combattere
mostri e tifei
nuovi trofei
se vuoi dal mio valor

I went back and read back my posts from last year to see if I felt just as desperate and helpless last year as I do now. Turns out I did. Does that give me hope that things will work out in the end? The fuck do I know!

Tonight, I’ve impressed myself. After spending the entire day on a junk boozing up and taking the beautiful waters of clearwater bay, I came home quite buzzed, eyelids-half-open-buzzed. I showered and schlepped my ass to the starbucks instead of making myself a coffee at home, drank it and slowly began reading. About an hour later, the coffee took effect and as I write this I am wide awake and ready to crush ethics with the mallet of my cranial awesomeness.

Tonight and tomorrow morning, I hope to be done with my first read of the Ethics curriculum. My initial plan of doing my first mock exams this week has gone to hell so I am better off reading/revising book 2 tomorrow. I’d rather not take a mock test unprepared like a blind man crossing a junction in Saigon – both would end in bloodshed.

Back to the books now. Stay tuned for more updates on the last and what is hoped to be the final battle of the CFA trilogy.

Saturday, May 18th.

It was a very productive morning and afternoon and I practically studied without taking a break for the most part. My task today was to do all the self-tests – those short six-question tests on each topic. I did okay – not surprisingly, I scored really poorly on some tests and quite well (by fluke, I’m sure) in others.

I ate last night’s dinner for breakfast – Ottolenghi’s soba with grilled aubergines and mangoes (alphonso mangoes!) and sauteed mushrooms for lunch. For dinner, I didn’t know what to make. I finally settled on pav bhaji. It came out okay, maybe it’s my brain thinking it wants food when my stomach really doesn’t. Still can’t deny that those buttery buns were delicious. To compensate for all the binging, I did the new 7-minute workout. Umm, I should really be doing a 700-minute work-out but it’s all about baby steps.

One thing’s for sure, once these exams are over, I am going to get in ship shape. I really need to lose 3 kilos perma-fucking-nently; I haven’t shaken off the weight I gained since my California trip last easter. I guess it’s the turning 30 thing – hard to shift the weight around as Pink’s mom says.

Right, I am going to try to clock another 2 hours of studying on Behavioural Finance aka snoozeville before actual snoozeville.
Saturday, May 25th

It was mostly a productive day except that revising GIPS took most of my day and even so I didn’t complete revising this painfully boring section. I did one mock exam from the CFA curriculum and despite it being quite easy, I didn’t perform well. Not that that surprises me. Tomorrow I shall revise fixed-income, which is my weakest link, and do a writing test.

I do feel terribly underprepared. Passing this level is going to take a lot more luck.

On the bright side, I had a fantastic dinner at ABC kitchen with Hazel, her husband (and his parents), Pink and Jin. My confit du canard was perfect. 3 glasses of champers + 2 cups of coffee = me being up at 2 am, just having finished the second half of my 3 hour exam and planning for tomorrow.

It’s fucking shit that I have to work on Monday but I am only gonna go in for a few hours.


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