to those who wait…

I spend a lot of time obsessing over what I want to make sure I really want it. For me, I find that nothing ever comes easy. For anything and everything I’ve achieved, I have had to give my blood, sweat and tears. And sleep. So much sleep – either through insomnia in the case of bad relationships and bad jobs or through actual toil when it comes to exams and projects.
One example of the former, lately, had been my promotion. I got promoted last year and then it was quite conveniently rescinded by the pathetic excuses for human beings known as Human Resources. I don’t exaggerate when I say this was gutwrenchingly painful for me to go through. It was the sort of wanton, irrational injustice that I couldn’t understand. Not to mention it was a huge lie. I also don’t exaggerate when I say that I had basis to sue my company. Letters from my bank to the tax officials in Hong Kong agreed with me so I was not some delusional nutter. But I didn’t sue. Kill em with kindness, I say. I worked my ass off these last few months while gentling prodding my boss to give me what I deserved (and not to mention, thought I already had!).It took my useless nincompoop of a boss a whole 12 months to rectify the issue. My promotion was made official this week. Should I be pleased? Is this a victory? Sure, it’s better than being denied a promotion. So much of this feels like too little, too late. This is not right, just a little less wrong. Like an abusive, violent boyfriend proposing with a ring after punching you in the face.


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