date # 20 of 2015 – More nomads…. (part 1)

I’ve taken a 5 minute break to brew myself some coffee so that I can shock the remnants of my hangover out of my system.

I went on an amazing and memorable date last night and I can’t wait to tell you about it. It had good aspects and bad but the worst aspect was that he didn’t tell me that he does not live here. He’s merely visiting and he leaves on June 4th. My exam is on June 1st. That gives me only 3 days to consummate the hell out of this fling. I’ve already asked him out for the night of my exam and have notified him that booty calls may be in the immediate horizon should I feel stressed.

For now, I feel incredibly guilty for wasting an evening with a hot nerdy introverted Spaniard who had no relationship potential despite being otherwise perfect. I didn’t even get a shag out of it! I went to bed at 230 am and was up by 630, reading on the couch while he snoozed. I guess the guilt woke me up.

Today’s agenda is jam packed my dears so wish me luck. If I finish all my to-dos for the day, you will find a shiny, new date story. Stay tuned.

Bing! my coffee’s ready. Gotta go.


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