Old paint is peeling, this is that fresh, that fresh feeling

Lemon Detox Day 1:

This juice tastes delicious. The palm syrup reminds me of panagam – that sweet brown liquid they serve at South Indian pujais (religious functions). Ergo I am drinking it happily. I’ve prepared two liters of juice for today (1640 ml water, 180 ml of organic lemon juice, 180 ml of madal bal syrup and 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper). Will I last 3 days with just this or will I get sick of it? Will I cave?

10:00 am: A brain-blasting caffeine-withdrawal headache has set in. It’s almost blinding. I am almost through with 500 ml of juice so I am not hungry* but no amount of juice will make up for that beautiful shot of aromatic espresso. Stay strong Jups.
* I keep having visions of breakfasts – mcmuffins and bagels and toast.
11.15 am: Major hunger pangs. Drank a shit-ton of juice
12.45-2.15 pm: Yawned several times during spanish class and really struggled. Drank more juice.
3.00 pm: finished my penultimate bottle of juice. I just have 500 ml left for “dinner”. Which totally sucks as I clearly underestimated the amount I needed.
I don’t know how people say they don’t feel hungry. I most certainly do feel hungry. How hungry? Rumbling Tummy Hungry!6.40 pm: I’ve had a peppermint tea and am now alert. I don’t feel hungry but I have to pee again. For the seventy-fifth fucking time.

Tonight I am headed to the races – this is really weird for me because I don’t go to the races. I don’t support horse racing in general. But it’s my friend’s birthday and it’s a relief that she changed the venue from the W (which would have entailed hoovering up unlimited wine and cheese) to the races (where I don’t think they have nice food to tempt me). So I will be schlepping my juice bottles over.

Tomorrow I have no plans, maybe I will stay home and watch a movie. Friday I have no plans aside from inducing a salt-water-flush. Can’t wait for that series of horrific events to unfold. “What did you do last night?” “oh nothing, just gave myself diarrhoea, tsunami-style.”

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.


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