you give me fever

2.52 am, Hong Kong.

My doctor asked me on Wednesday if I have drug allergies and I said, “none but for the all love of all things holy, do not prescribe me any pseudofedrine.” Sudafed is the worst thing on the planet. Apparently the key ingredient behind crystal meth concoctions (I did not look it up because I don’t fucking care), this horrible drug is sold OTC but in controlled quantities in the US. I was prescribed this once. I took one pill and didn’t sleep for 2 days. The insomnia was confusing and terrifying and I felt wide awake and full of energy at all times (yes the pill is misused to this effect quite commonly).To say that I never want to go anywhere near this drug ever again is a mild understatement, I would sooner run into an ex-boyfriend dressed in torn clothes and poop smeared across my face that ingest this ghastly substance.

I didn’t sleep very much last night, I had to take 2 sleeping pills. I attributed it to late onset jetlag. But I am unable to sleep today and today, I recognised (with a capital R) the alertness in my insomnia. Under the eye marks, my eyes feel alive. I am not exhausted, even thought I should be. I haven’t had tea, coffee or alcohol since Wednesday. So I retrieve the cough pills and look them up. Surprise fucking surprise. Different trade name, same motherfucking evil drug.

How I hate my life and how I hate my irresponsible doctor right now. I should have known better seeing as she thought acetominophen was a long name .


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