Date #35 of 2013 – ice ice baby

I don’t think Ike and I made for the most elegant sight in the world, holding hands as I awkwardly tried to remember how to skate based on the previous FOUR times I had ice-skated in my life. He was telling me how he had been skating since childhood but had not made the hockey team. Talk about a level playing field – that’s like a cheetah challenging a turtle with three legs to climb a tree. He may have laughed at me a couple of times but I didn’t fall and he said later that he would have felt very bad if I had fallen and had to go back to India with my arm in a sling (a possibility I had not given much thought to!)

We had burgers at the 360 food court – admittedly not a place I would pick or like going to on any given day, let alone on a date but we are trying new things here. I had arrived at Elements half an hour early so I decided to go to the MAC counter to explore some new makeup – without doubt a bad idea because trying out smokey purple makeup and then hurriedly asking the makeup artist to do the other eye will make you look like a clown prostitute right before your date (especially if the makeup artist has no experience with large eyelids and kohl). So Ike did mention that the makeup did not look that nice in the harsh fluorescent light of the foodcourt (it probably continued to look garish in the reflective lights of the ice rink).

Anywho, we rented our skating shoes, they were so uncomfortable and constricting, I felt like I was in training to have lotus feet. I won’t lie, I was absolutely terrified to go onto the rink – it felt treacherous – but Ike gave me his hand and offered to tow me along. I ended up being a helpless little damsel, unintentionally, but Ike didn’t seem to mind. We slowly made rounds of the rink and even cut across the length of the rink several times. In 45 minutes, when the rink closed, I was a lot more comfortable and I didn’t fall once. And I never let go of Ike’s hand once.

We walked back to the MTR entrance where Ike asked if we could just head home or if I wanted to catch up on my sleep by myself. No, I wanted him with me. And who knows if the rink was a ruse or not, but from then on, Ike holds my hand when we walk.


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