3 stars: 2013 – A year in review

I am quite proud of the fact that I usually keep my new year’s resolutions, at least some of them, if not all. But it’s the 6th of January and present me is not smug at all. Because 2013 me pretty much shat the bed when it came to new year’s resolutions.

1. Build a stock portfolio and generate 10% in realized gains by end of the year. FAIL. Did not do this. I am completely ashamed of myself – there’s no reason someone with a job in financial services, an MBA and a CFA is not managing her own stock portfolio. I am determined to change this in 2014.

2. Change jobs! FAIL
. There are many excuses and reasons for why I failed to do this but that is not the point. I failed and I take full responsibility for my inaction.

3. Do one selfless act of volunteering that doesn’t involve sitting at a computer.
FAIL. I donated money and I continued to do my remote volunteer work but I did not “get my hands dirty”. Shame on me.

4. Double your net worth, or at the very least, increase it by 50%. FAIL. Net worth increased 24% give or take a few. I knew this was a herculean task that would only have happened if #2 above had happened but as I said, that is my fault.

5. Get my advanced diving license. DONE. I got this out of the way in February but then I didn’t have time to schedule any more dive trips. This means that I likely have to do a refresher or go on some simple dives in 2014 to get back in the game. So uhhh…well done me?

6. Get a driving license. FAIL. I cannot be truly independent till I do. Shame on me.

7. Whale Sharks! FAIL.
Not unlike #2, this is a repeat offender. Donsol, why must you elude me?

One out of seven is fail by any and all measures but that is not to say that the year itself was a write-off. 2013 was not a special year and for the most part, it wasn’t even that memorable. But if I close my eyes and take a moment to think about what was really great about 2013, then only three things stand out:

Japan was exquisitely beautiful, memorable, everything I thought it could be and much more. And more than that, my “Sushi and Self-discovery” tour was a journey in the true sense of the word. I traveled alone with just a carryon suitcase and a backpack without any mishaps or casualties, planned every single detail and was amazingly under-budget. Charming, serene Myanmar was my second favourite trip of 2013.

December 2011, June 2012, June 2013. All exams cleared without re-sits. A unduly massive charter certificate (seriously, it’s the size of two placemats) sits rolled up in my living room. Of course until I get the dream job that the CFA is supposed to lead to, it will be just ink on paper but even so, it feels good to keep the cogs in the brained well-oiled and have an official body recognise my effort. And this reassurance will motivate me to get the job I want and deserve.

Casa, one of my dearest, favourite people in the world had the most beautiful, perfect, intimate wedding in Granada, Spain set against the sublime backdrop of the Alhambra and a softly setting orange-pink sun. I was the cool, charming maid of honour who spoke to guests in English and Spanish and milked the hell out of all the attention. I CRUSHED my speech without turning it into a roast. We did a Bollywood medley dance number at the sangeet (which Punchy and I choreographed!). I also met up with old friends – lunches and wandering with Buzz, the Tomatina with Soljaboy and quality time with Santa and his adorable family.

Incidentally not unlike Santa, Casa and her husband are kicking ass at being married which reinforces my faith in love, love, love, all you need is love.

In terms of projects and activities, I picked up one new one in the waning part of the year and it has been so far more gratifying than I ever thought possible. Gardening, and specifically starting a herb garden in my balcony. More on this beautiful hobby later.

If I think about the worst of the worst of 2013, the dubious honour of being the most unpleasant experience has to go to the few weeks of my life wasted dating that gutless, fake, nincompoop Sam. I solemnly swear to go with my gut when it comes to dating and as Santa says, never trust a bald man. His words of wisdom (and remarkable wit) from a recent email were: “Man I thought by now you would know to never trust a bald dude. In fact, there are 3 types of men you should never ever trust: bald dudes, Italians and men who put on brown shoes with grey suits.” Amen, mate.

But clearly in some sense, 2013 can’t have been all that bad of a year if Sam was the worst thing about it.

Then again there is still so much existential angst. Will that ever diminish or disappear or will it just serve as a constant warning that status quo and stagnation are the same thing? I want learn to embrace the angst and turn that uneasiness into energy and change.

I understand that many people proclaim every year that *that* is the year for them. But I never have. And I feel in my gut 2014 will be mine. Not because of fate or destiny but because I want it to be and I will make it so. Siggy always picks a word to define the year. My word this year is GAME-CHANGER. Fuck yeah.

And even though the year did not exactly start with champagne and exquisite food and party music – because I was in India with the family and two deaths (one incredibly untimely) clouded the mood – I want to believe that the year itself will be incredible.

So here’s my customary new year wish. Here’s to a game-changing 2014; I wish that my year and yours is filled with novelty that charms your existence, adventures that lead you to places yet unseen and people yet unknown both of whom change you for better, jobs that fulfil your soul (and bank balance) and hobbies that gratify, passionate unbridled love that shakes your very core and above all, (how can I ever leave this out) hella loud, dry-wall-chipping, bed-breaking orgasms!

Happy new year my darlings!


4 thoughts on “3 stars: 2013 – A year in review

  1. Happy new year my dear Jups. Whatever you say – a game-changer 2104 will be. Make it pretty, print it out, frame it, whatever and put it where you can see it (behind your front door maybe?) and you will be extra motivated. Sending you love x

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