Curry, Water, Wine and Pisco


2014 is a tall order

Life has suddenly in a matter of months become very exciting, very different. 2014 may turn out to be a game changer after all. I want to strap on my seatbelt and brace myself for the rollercoaster. I just hope no one gets hurt.

Four months in and the new boyfriend still feels new. Sure we have had some fights but none have made me sad yet and none have not ended in very graphic sex. With “I love yous” thrown around as often as the weather changes in Hong Kong, I feel that life has suddenly been filled with fondness of a kind I haven’t yet known. So I can only hope it lasts because I cannot grow tired of this.

People remark that love is the reason I am smiling ear to ear these days but no, that isn’t it. I firmly believe that love alone can’t turn an unhappy person happy. No, my dreadful job where I spent 2/3rds of every day with my dreadful, ill-mannered ingrate of a boss has its days numbered. Thirteen to be exact as I spend this friday afternoon on a tiger airlines flight to sunshiney singapore.

My new job excites me to no end. I look forward to going to work in a month’s time. Yes! This too is a feeling I hadn’t known till now.  My new boss is a woman – a bright, funny, articulate woman! I want to go to this firm and I want to crush it (I mean my job, not go godzira on the building).

But between now and the end of May, there is much much more to look forward to. This weekend I will be in Singapore spending quality time with my darling elvish pixie and then again in easter we will reconvene in placid Perth and its adjoining Margaret river region. There will be much wine-tasting and picnicking and, if I can manage it, some shopping for seafolly bikinis.

The weekend between these two weekends, Ike and I will go on our first little trip together to amazing Bangkok, a city I cannot tire of on a normal weekend, let alone one that lets me celebrate Songkran with my lover. And let’s not forget the food people. As Ike frequently says, it is food that can short-circuit your brain.

And speaking of food, I cannot neglect to tell you how excited I am to visit another country whose rich culinary offering is one of my favourites – Peru. When I was faced with the question of where to spend two weeks of alone time decompressing before starting my new job, Peru was the first country to pop into my head and it hasn’t left. I will start and end my 2-3 sojourn in the southern hemisphere with Peru and hopefully bring back a suitcase full of big corn kernels, quinoa and aji amarillo. And in between, I will most likely tackle the world’s favourite debt-defaulting, handsome-men-containing country – Argentina. Obviously, this is all going to be a mammoth planning exercise.



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