My first bridezilla moment was an irate email sent 20 minutes ago

Email that prompted my irate response:

Dear Ms. Jups,

Thank you for writing us.

We are pleased to offer you 150 rooms and can  accommodate upto 300 Guest in Cluster sitting arrangement. Please advise us on the specific as its not decided as of now.

Please find attached details for your reference.

Wedding Link : Link to a thousand pictures of a random bride and groom with maybe one photo of the wedding venue. Pictures from what is clearly not a South Indian wedding but in fact one of those horrible Indian weddings where both bride and groom are clearly Hindu but the wedding is very “trying-to-be-a-white/Christian-wedding-but-not-really-because-it’s-not-in-a -Church-because-why-would-it-be?-you’re-not-fucking-Christian!”

Do advice for any further assistance


My irate response:

Hi “revenue manager of a five star hotel”,

I am afraid your reply isn’t very useful and you have not answered any of the questions I asked in my first message. I don’t want to see pictures of someone else’s wedding, especially one with so few photos of the venue.

I would like to know what arrangements you can make for South Indian weddings. For example, can you have agni? Is the venue air-conditioned? Can you do Sadya / banana leaf meals? Are there outdoor and indoor options?
What does cluster sitting arrangement mean?
What are the sizes of the banquet halls? Are there smaller ones for mehendi/sangeet? Do you have any wedding packages that include 2/3 days of events? Are there off season and on-season prices? What are the time periods for those?
My enquiry is quite serious and I have emailed two other venues for rough quotes so I would really appreciate a more detailed reply. Do you have a wedding planner I can talk to?

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