Fairytale of Hong Kong

Scenario One: How Ike was supposed to propose

I told Ike I planned to take him to Liberty Private Works for dinner to celebrate his birthday. He had told me that coincidentally he was trying to book the same restaurant for our one year anniversary too. Great minds! Apparently over dinner, in a rather traditional and non-Ike manner, Ike had planned to propose.
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It was a very good year…

There is so much I want to share with you because it has been just so long since I had a chance to write. I finally broke my promise to not open WordPress at work because I got sick of not writing.

I am busy. I am busy all the time and I don’t mean that as a complaint. I say this to Ike all the time – I am busy because I am living more than I ever imagined possible. I am always low on sleep because I am trying to make the most of every hour in the day and sometimes that means sacrificing sleep.
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Search and rescue

Come sit down, let's watch the stars

Come sit down, let’s watch the stars

I am so excited I am beside myself. So is Ike. We just made an offer to rent an apartment together and we are desperately hoping that it comes through. The apartment is old and I don’t mean pimped-out-loft-in-old-walkup-old. I mean literally an old apartment in a 55-year old walkup. After five years, I may live in an apartment without an air conditioned lobby, elevator or most importantly a bathtub. But I guess at least some of those things have never been that important.

I love my current apartment – it’s in a great neighborhood, it’s well kept, it has a balcony and a bathtub and gas hobs. Believe you me it is hard to find an apartment with the proverbial “everything” and in Hong Kong the expectations are already pretty low. But like a dusty town in a western, this sheung wan pad ain’t big enough for the two of us (and the furniture and my extensive wardrobe and my shoe collection and Ike’s shoe collection).

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3 stars: 2013 – A year in review

I am quite proud of the fact that I usually keep my new year’s resolutions, at least some of them, if not all. But it’s the 6th of January and present me is not smug at all. Because 2013 me pretty much shat the bed when it came to new year’s resolutions. Continue reading

Date #31 of 2013 – How to break the rules and inadvertently recruit a fuck-buddy

The Canadian – I shall call him Ike – was quite quick to ask me out on a second date after our first one on Thursday night. I had spent the weekend in Bangkok so he asked me on Monday whether I had recovered. Of course I had, I was out drinking already. He asked me what I wanted to do. I agreed to meet him on Tuesday and fueled by liquid courage, I told him to show some initiative and not make me do all the work. On Tuesday morning he proved that he had done his research by proposing two very different date ideas: an art gallery plus tacos or brace yourself, ice-skating!

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In the very wantonness of joy (part 2)


That night Sam stayed over while I had a vicious, rabid, utterly cruel bout of food poisoning. I slept less than a hour and could not go into work. We still hadn’t slept together and I was almost certain that we never would after that. And I wouldn’t judge him if he didn’t exactly feel attracted to a girl he’d been on 2 dates with and who was currently experiencing her dinner and wines shooting out of all orifices. Or moaning while she lay her stomach on a hot water bottle. Continue reading