Fairytale of Hong Kong

Scenario One: How Ike was supposed to propose

I told Ike I planned to take him to Liberty Private Works for dinner to celebrate his birthday. He had told me that coincidentally he was trying to book the same restaurant for our one year anniversary too. Great minds! Apparently over dinner, in a rather traditional and non-Ike manner, Ike had planned to propose.
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Try dating an unemployed man: The luxury and pure pleasure of having a house-husband

I was at a dinner party 2 Fridays ago, it was being hosted by my friends from business school – a couple. Two other couples were invited as well, bringing the total to four. It was the first time in the longest time that I was going somewhere with a date, a proper couples’ thing (though to my friends’ credit, I am sure this was not a prerequisite for being invited) and it felt great. A French couple introduced themselves to us and I asked them what they did here for a living. The man had a job in telecom and the woman added  “I am a tai tai”. In turn, I said I worked for a bank and and when their eyes moved towards him, Ike chimed in “I am a tai tai as well”. I chuckled but not without admiring Ike’s sense of security to be able to tell strangers so easily that I was the breadwinner, as temporary an arrangement as it may well be.

In both unpleasant ways and pleasant, my life never ceases to surprise me. It has been a little over two months since Ike and I started dating. Considering my track record and luck, it surprises me that things are going this well between us so far. Knock on wood. But what surprises me even more is our whole arrangement – the whole living-together-this-early-in-the-relationship-with-a-stay-at-home-boyfriend. Never in a million years did I think I would be in this particular situation. Nor did I imagine it could be this pleasant. You live, you learn. Continue reading

trouble(makers) in paradise

Tuesday was a horrible day for me. Work was absolutely rubbish – my not new anymore boss has been a dick to me with remarkable consistency. It seems that even my mere presence angers him, his tone and body language change and he blames me for every single issue in the bank. He’s basically an awful human being who has had it in for me since he met me and amazingly, lest you think this is some crazy paranoia on my part, even the other MDs seem to be noticing it. Anyway, my point is I had a crappier-than-usual day yesterday and I really did not want to share any part of it with my new boyfriend. My new boyfriend however had other plans. Continue reading

I will buy you nice things, and maybe even make you some

How a man invades your kitchenspace and your mindspace

How a man invades your kitchenspace and your mindspace

Five nights in and it’s time for a halftime update. I am in disbelief about the past few days – how perfect they have been. Late November Ike asked me out, December 5th we went on our first date, and now we are already living together. Temporarily for now but who knows? It is all completely crazy but nothing has felt so unequivocally correct in the longest time. Ike is right as rain and my opinion is not corrupted by fancy dinners. If this affaire de couer were to go pear-shaped, I would not have a shred of regret. Continue reading

Trial and Trepidation

Bed, Bath and Way Fucking Beyond

Bed, Bath and Way Fucking Beyond

I am excited and nervous. 2014 is already bringing with it some game-changing dynamics as far as dating is concerned. You see, today, Ike and I begin a ten-day experiment in cohabitation, living together, being room-mates. It is fucking insane, utterly batshit and probably just crazy enough to actually work. Continue reading

…the best soy latte that you ever had and me

A small shiver just went down my spine as I try to put together in words my weekend with Ike. It was honest, relaxing and romantic without being contrived, without trying too hard. It was Friday night through Monday morning spent glued together, talking, singing songs, grinding beans and brewing coffee, watching movies, juicing, napping, cooking, doing dishes, holding hands and strolling, shagging, moving from one activity to the next in an organic manner without getting sick of each other. Not in a long time have I felt it this natural, this facile to spend this much time with someone and not run out of things to do or say nor feel any pangs of uncertainty or distrust. Continue reading