Search and rescue

Come sit down, let's watch the stars

Come sit down, let’s watch the stars

I am so excited I am beside myself. So is Ike. We just made an offer to rent an apartment together and we are desperately hoping that it comes through. The apartment is old and I don’t mean pimped-out-loft-in-old-walkup-old. I mean literally an old apartment in a 55-year old walkup. After five years, I may live in an apartment without an air conditioned lobby, elevator or most importantly a bathtub. But I guess at least some of those things have never been that important.

I love my current apartment – it’s in a great neighborhood, it’s well kept, it has a balcony and a bathtub and gas hobs. Believe you me it is hard to find an apartment with the proverbial “everything” and in Hong Kong the expectations are already pretty low. But like a dusty town in a western, this sheung wan pad ain’t big enough for the two of us (and the furniture and my extensive wardrobe and my shoe collection and Ike’s shoe collection).

So we know we have to move. Continue reading


trouble(makers) in paradise

Tuesday was a horrible day for me. Work was absolutely rubbish – my not new anymore boss has been a dick to me with remarkable consistency. It seems that even my mere presence angers him, his tone and body language change and he blames me for every single issue in the bank. He’s basically an awful human being who has had it in for me since he met me and amazingly, lest you think this is some crazy paranoia on my part, even the other MDs seem to be noticing it. Anyway, my point is I had a crappier-than-usual day yesterday and I really did not want to share any part of it with my new boyfriend. My new boyfriend however had other plans. Continue reading

I will buy you nice things, and maybe even make you some

How a man invades your kitchenspace and your mindspace

How a man invades your kitchenspace and your mindspace

Five nights in and it’s time for a halftime update. I am in disbelief about the past few days – how perfect they have been. Late November Ike asked me out, December 5th we went on our first date, and now we are already living together. Temporarily for now but who knows? It is all completely crazy but nothing has felt so unequivocally correct in the longest time. Ike is right as rain and my opinion is not corrupted by fancy dinners. If this affaire de couer were to go pear-shaped, I would not have a shred of regret. Continue reading

Trial and Trepidation

Bed, Bath and Way Fucking Beyond

Bed, Bath and Way Fucking Beyond

I am excited and nervous. 2014 is already bringing with it some game-changing dynamics as far as dating is concerned. You see, today, Ike and I begin a ten-day experiment in cohabitation, living together, being room-mates. It is fucking insane, utterly batshit and probably just crazy enough to actually work. Continue reading

Good loving is not always from the heart, You gotta be smart…

A little bit of an ramble on booty calling and why it’s nearly impossible to recruit and retain a booty call…

My decision to have sex with Ike the hippie Canadian on our second date made up in impulsiveness what it lacked in foresight and ladylike behaviour. The sex was stupendous so regret is out of the question. He texted a day later to ask when I was free and I, in all earnest, replied that thursday worked. To which he replied that he had something planned that evening but we could meet later in the night. Let me know if you want to meet there or you just want to wait for me in your boudoir, he said. Continue reading

Date #35 of 2013 – ice ice baby

I don’t think Ike and I made for the most elegant sight in the world, holding hands as I awkwardly tried to remember how to skate based on the previous FOUR times I had ice-skated in my life. He was telling me how he had been skating since childhood but had not made the hockey team. Talk about a level playing field – that’s like a cheetah challenging a turtle with three legs to climb a tree. He may have laughed at me a couple of times but I didn’t fall and he said later that he would have felt very bad if I had fallen and had to go back to India with my arm in a sling (a possibility I had not given much thought to!) Continue reading

Don Draper Lunch

More graffitti in Sheung Wan

More graffitti in Sheung Wan

I am feeling preeeettttty badass right now. You see, I (two thumbs pointing at this girl!) just had a Don Draper lunch. No, I am not talking about having old-fashioneds and disgusting shrimp cocktail in a smarmy restaurant that smells like second-hand smoke. No no, later season Don Draper – fucking Sylvia on the daily situation Don Draper. That was her name right? Whatever. Remember that episode where Don takes her to a nice hotel and just fucking leaves her there and says “don’t go anywhere” and then comes back and has sex with her? Continue reading