Search and rescue

Come sit down, let's watch the stars

Come sit down, let’s watch the stars

I am so excited I am beside myself. So is Ike. We just made an offer to rent an apartment together and we are desperately hoping that it comes through. The apartment is old and I don’t mean pimped-out-loft-in-old-walkup-old. I mean literally an old apartment in a 55-year old walkup. After five years, I may live in an apartment without an air conditioned lobby, elevator or most importantly a bathtub. But I guess at least some of those things have never been that important.

I love my current apartment – it’s in a great neighborhood, it’s well kept, it has a balcony and a bathtub and gas hobs. Believe you me it is hard to find an apartment with the proverbial “everything” and in Hong Kong the expectations are already pretty low. But like a dusty town in a western, this sheung wan pad ain’t big enough for the two of us (and the furniture and my extensive wardrobe and my shoe collection and Ike’s shoe collection).

So we know we have to move. Continue reading


The cherry on the turd sundae


A sack of flour with more balls than many of the men I’ve dated

Caveat: That I am writing this is more a reflection of its painful irony and priceless comic timing than any vestigial fuzzy feelings towards Sam.

Two Sundays ago, I was enjoying a very decadent and lazy Sunday. I had literally double-booked myself and so had one brunch scheduled at 10.30 with the girls at Wagyu on Wyndham Street and another one at noon at Heirloom in Sheung Wan. Yes I know my ass is quite vast, as it is, but this double booking was not one I could I have avoided. Continue reading

In the very wantonness of joy (birthday week part 1)


In the very wantonness of joy…I read this little phrase this morning in a humourous Mark Twain essay and it so accurately describes my present state of mind. I am a very lucky girl and writing this (or attempting to) is making me tear up. Continue reading