Date # 30 of 2013 – A late night date in Wanchai

Since before I went to Spain for work in late November, I had been chatting with a free-spirited Canadian man. He seemed extremely nice on messages and asked me for a drink on his first message itself. I had politely declined as I was crazy busy at the time and proposed that we catch up after my Spain trip if we were still in each others’ memories after I returned. He was not outdone by this and stayed in touch and even pointed me towards a cute little Mexican place in Madrid where I ended up taking my brother out to dinner. We finally made plans to meet more than a week after I returned from Spain. This was because, again, I had all sorts of social engagements including the HK panto.

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date #27 – The finer things


this is not the impractical house-warming present I had in mind but…
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In the very wantonness of joy (part 2)


That night Sam stayed over while I had a vicious, rabid, utterly cruel bout of food poisoning. I slept less than a hour and could not go into work. We still hadn’t slept together and I was almost certain that we never would after that. And I wouldn’t judge him if he didn’t exactly feel attracted to a girl he’d been on 2 dates with and who was currently experiencing her dinner and wines shooting out of all orifices. Or moaning while she lay her stomach on a hot water bottle. Continue reading