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It has been a while since my last update but unfortunately, despite the long time gap, I am still unemployed. I was paid till end of October, and I worked on a short-term project between mid-November and mid-December that paid me some rent money so technically I would say I have been unemployed for about 3 months and change. Realistically it feels a lot longer.  Continue reading


I am back!

HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS, HAS IT BEEN OVER TWO YEARS SINCE I LAST BLOGGED? I just tried to read that last post about hiring a stylist and I fell asleep after the first two paragraphs. BORING. Spoiler alert: I had a beautiful wedding, almost everything worked out okay (except that the videographer lost our wedding video, dipshit). The wedding was perfect, everybody was happy, the food was fucking delicious even if we only got to eat eighteen hours after anyone else had. And I never looked so beautiful in my life. Moving on!

(Oh and married life is great. It’s everything I ever wanted and also things I didn’t know I wanted. Now moving on!) Continue reading

The whole nine yards – part 2: how to not hire and then not fire a stylist

This is a bit of an awkward story to share. Several months ago, I reached out to a good friend and a fashion-forward one at that to help me with some recommendations on all things bridal – henna, lehengas, make up, hair, all that migraine-inducing stuff. She was prompt to reply and recommended that I get a stylist. I was open to the idea but quite frankly I don’t have an infinite budget so I was pretty honest about that. Nonetheless I got in touch with the woman she recommended on email. She seemed really nice and said she wanted to help even though she knew I would not be a high-revenue client.  Continue reading

the whole nine yards – part 1

Update: I just realised as I went to bed last night that I got all my math wrong. I’ve revised all the USD numbers below ….Most of them UPWARDS.
I really need to speak to someone about how the wedding preparations are coming along. I want to bore someone into a coma with the details. There is so much that has happened over the easter break and it has all been incredibly fun despite the mosquito bites, the raging heat and the sticker shock I got for every single thing or service that I acquired or tried to acquire in India.

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My first bridezilla moment was an irate email sent 20 minutes ago

Email that prompted my irate response:

Dear Ms. Jups,

Thank you for writing us.

We are pleased to offer you 150 rooms and can  accommodate upto 300 Guest in Cluster sitting arrangement. Please advise us on the specific as its not decided as of now.

Please find attached details for your reference.

Wedding Link : Link to a thousand pictures of a random bride and groom with maybe one photo of the wedding venue. Pictures from what is clearly not a South Indian wedding but in fact one of those horrible Indian weddings where both bride and groom are clearly Hindu but the wedding is very “trying-to-be-a-white/Christian-wedding-but-not-really-because-it’s-not-in-a -Church-because-why-would-it-be?-you’re-not-fucking-Christian!”

Do advice for any further assistance

Regards, Continue reading

Fairytale of Hong Kong

Scenario One: How Ike was supposed to propose

I told Ike I planned to take him to Liberty Private Works for dinner to celebrate his birthday. He had told me that coincidentally he was trying to book the same restaurant for our one year anniversary too. Great minds! Apparently over dinner, in a rather traditional and non-Ike manner, Ike had planned to propose.
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It was a very good year…

There is so much I want to share with you because it has been just so long since I had a chance to write. I finally broke my promise to not open WordPress at work because I got sick of not writing.

I am busy. I am busy all the time and I don’t mean that as a complaint. I say this to Ike all the time – I am busy because I am living more than I ever imagined possible. I am always low on sleep because I am trying to make the most of every hour in the day and sometimes that means sacrificing sleep.
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